1/14 Benz3348 6X6 hydraulic three-direction dump truck-complete truck-PRODUCTS-Manufacturer simulation models

1/14 Benz3348 6X6 hydraulic three-direction dump truck

RCLESU 1/14 hydraulic three-way dump truck Benz3348 full drive 6X6 high torque mud head does not contain CAB

onfiguration includes body, sound and light system, lighting system, ESC, steering gear, motor

The remote control is separately purchased and commissioned. & battery separately available. Remote control requires 8 channels or more

Electronic steering gear, shift servo, lock differential servo, 540 power motor, sound system, lighting system, hydraulic motor, power ESC, hydraulic ESC and other electronic equipment are standard for shipment. If you need high-performance electronic equipment, you can replace it yourself.
Features: 3-speed high-torque planetary gearbox with 1/2 transfer case to ensure that it can exert its good power under heavy load and bad road conditions. The new design of the three-axis power bridge, equipped with remote control differential lock function, brings more fun to your control.
Electronic equipment: The sound system adopts the familiar 3T sound group, the sound is excellent, and the special lighting is matched with it, which shows the vehicle simulation degree.
The hydraulic power uses a brushless motor high pressure oil pump. Brass hydraulic cylinder. And three-way device
The overall vehicle size is 585mm long, 182mm wide and 273mm high. The bucket length is 385 mm and the bucket depth is 59.7 mm.