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RCLESU 1/15 L574 hydraulic wheel loader model RD-A0001

1:15 Liebherr L574 hydraulic wheel loader model

This car is a KIT version, the picture is for reference only. The final result is achieved, depending on individual assembly capabilities.

Proportion: 1:15

Size: length 583, width 202, height 245, unit MM

Wheelbase: 220MM

Configuration: including ESC, 540 power motor, steering gear, hydraulic brushless ESC, hydraulic brushless motor.

The remote control and battery need to be purchased and commissioned separately.
Battery recommended 3S lithium battery 30C. The remote control needs more than 9 channels.
Material: The body is welded with CNC aluminum and sheet metal. The car shell is made using ABS.


1. The gearbox uses the LESU high-torque second-speed gearbox to ensure that it can exert its good power under heavy load and bad road conditions.

2, the new wheeled planetary deceleration bridge, equipped with remote control differential lock function, bring more fun for your control.

3. High pressure and high flow hydraulic pump & high hardness and high precision hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic pressure is smooth and powerful.