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Hino 6 * 6 dump truck grand listing, the intention of the riders do not miss the intention Oh!


and light systems, lighting systems, vehicle required electric transfer, steering gear, motor. Remote control to receive their own purchase and commissioning. Remote control and receiver to be players to buy, remote control must be 7 or more channels


Vehicle factory for the unfinished finished product, players need to color according to their needs.Steering servo, shift steering gear, lock servo, 540 power motor, sound system, lighting system,Hydraulic motors, power transfer, hydraulic and other electronic equipment for the factory standard, for higher performance of electronic equipment can be replaced by their own.

Features: 2-speed high-torque planetary gearbox with 1/2 transfer case, to ensure that heavy and bad road conditions can play its best power.Four-axis power bridge design, equipped with remote differential lock function for your control to bring more fun.

Electronic equipment: Sound system using the familiar 3T sound group, excellent sound, with its special lighting, the car even more simulation.Micro-hydraulic system for the dump truck must have, the use of brushless hydraulic power, hydraulic cylinder for stainless steel multi-section cylinder.Hydraulic system theoretical pressure of 30KG, measured at 20 to 25KG, dump full load dump without pressure.

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