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Since its inception, Lesu company dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of various models for the large number of users to create a sophisticated and realistic models. Development so far, Lesu has become the leading model of manufacturing companies and well-known brand licensing Cars production base. Lesu company mainly produces different types, various ratios of high quality truck simulation model, simulation models degree, far beyond the requirements of users in the industry reached the advanced level.

Some words about Us

In the design, Lesu company has a design team of Tarawa, based on customer requirements, the model scaled to any proportion, while the simulation is reached unprecedented heights. Lesu company in a responsible manner and professional standards for customer service, to capture a lot of technical problems, has become the industry leader in the manufacturing model, the competitors far behind. We developed products to design, modeling exquisite, feel heavy, sophisticated package, simulation and high known.

In the production, Lesu company introduced advanced production equipment, including three-dimensional prototype machine, CNC CNC engraving machine, CNC milling machine, EDM mirror etching machine, 200 tons LK die-casting machines, injection molding machines, electrostatic spraying machine automatic alloy polishing machines, printing machines evacuated die machines, automatic assembly line and so on. The production equipment has become a powerful driving force for enterprise development, and lay a solid foundation for our business progress. Meanwhile, Lesu company's production process include the three-dimensional scanning, R & D, prototype making, mold manufacturing, injection molding, die-casting, automatic alloy polishing, automatic spraying, manual spraying, graphic printing, assembly packaging, quality control a series of process within arguably inclusive. Lesu company always adhere to the "lean production, flexible manufacturing," the production model, emphasizing refinement and fidelity models, from refined to change the local structure to a single structure, reflects the Lesu professional and dedicated people. In the production process of the different aspects of the process we have formulated strict norms and control means in order to achieve the efficient operation of the production process