ABOUT-Manufacturer simulation models


LESU Model is a manufacturer specialized in manufacturing simulation models and related products, she is one of the earliest companies to manufacture 1/14 truck OP accessories in China. The company is composed of many experienced designers and experienced players.

LESU Model production of high-quality truck models of different types and proportions. The simulation degree is in an advanced position in the model industry and far exceeds the requirements of users.

Since its inception, LESU Model has continuously introduced advanced technology and imported advanced equipment, specializedin the design, development and production of various models, and created skillful manufacture and highly simulated models for many model hobby users.

Fast-forward to today LESU Model has become the leading model manufacturing company in China and the production base of well-known brand models at home and abroad.

In the future, LESU Model will persist in provide services that far exceed customer’s expectations and constantly perfect her skill, and provide more excellent quality simulation products to model hobby users.