CNC 7-way reversing valve excavator Aoue-945 three-section arm-NEWS-Manufacturer simulation models

CNC 7-way reversing valve excavator Aoue-945 three-section arm

CNC 7-way reversing valve excavator Aoue-945 three-section arm

LESU new product launch 

1/14Aoue-945 three-section boom excavator

Aoue-945 three-section boom excavator


Let me introduce this new excavator to you. The RTR version not only comes in the original white model, but also has a new color "blue and yellow model"! This is an excavator with novel colors. Don't overlook its performance just because it looks good!


Detailed introduction picture display

Its body is made of 95% metal and 5% plastic, and the entire machine uses hydraulic digging arms for all-copper metal oil pipes.

 New support design, 

 Equipped with a simulated electronic display, one-button switch of the entire machine circuit, the entire machine is equipped with a lighting system, and can rotate 360 degrees without blind spots! The movements are smooth and smooth, and the precision hydraulic system makes the movements more delicate and the appearance more cool!


Product configuration information

Next, let me take a look at the product information configuration table. There are currently two versions for model friends to choose from. The KITversion is shipped in original color parts, which has a more mechanical feel. The part version adds a sense of interactive fun, participating in hands-on assembly, and a sense of accomplishment. Full! The RTR version comes assembled with spray paint. Model friends only need to equip it with a remote control and batteries to play. The spray paint version is eye-catching and beautiful!

Product configuration table:

Product size chart:

The 945 three-section boom excavator is also suitable for a variety of attachments. The following is a diagram of the accessories that can be assembled with the 945 three-section arm. There are just too many attachments. Switch between different forms and discover more fun:

Let me show you detailed pictures! Feel the charm of Raysync’s new excavator more intuitively

Original: white version

Latest color matching: blue and yellow version

More detailed information can be viewed:

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