1/14 Benz Actros 8X8 1851.3363 Heavy Duty Trailer Frame LESU LS-20130010-B-complete truck-PRODUCTS-Manufacturer simulation models

1/14 Benz Actros 8X8 1851.3363 Heavy Duty Trailer Frame LESU LS-20130010-B

Equipped with SAVOX 1251 digital steering servo.

Steering steering gear, shifting steering gear, lock differential steering gear, 540 power motor, (not including ESC)
The remote control and receiver need to be purchased separately by the player. The remote control requires 6 channels or more.
The chassis is equipped with a 540 motor and a heavy tail boom tail hook. 2-speed high-torque gearbox, cross-grinding disc, metal wheels, high-quality rubber tires, simulated suspension,
Simulated metal axles. Stainless steel drive shafts and more. All processed by superb processing
Features: 2-speed high-torque planetary gearbox with 1/2 transfer case to ensure heavy load and poor road conditions can exert its good power
The new design of the four-axis power bridge, equipped with remote control differential lock function, bring more fun to your control
Electronic equipment: The player is required to additionally configure the light group, remote control, sound system, and battery.

Tamiya BENZ3363 1851 directly installs the cab. Perfect installation