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1/14 hydraulic tailboard Lesu

The surface of the towing plate is sandblasted and the parts are delivered from the factory. Players need to paint and assemble it by themselves. The configuration of this pallet truck is as follows: the tail plate lifting hydraulic system is equipped with YZ-0001 hydraulic pump distribution and adjustment, relief valve, Y-1537 one way reversing valve, two hydraulic cylinders and supporting oil tank. The first two electric aluminum alloy legs are equipped with N20 brush motor distribution adjustment and electric lifting support feet. Three axle no power axle, CNC refined wheel hub with quality rubber tire, axle suspension is simulated air bag suspension. Both sides of the towing plate are provided with wider brackets to drag larger construction machinery. Wooden board pedal decoration, high imitation and reduction of real car pedal, simulation wire frame fixed, increased aluminum alloy bucket canvas frame platform, simulation toolbox on both sides, stainless steel side rails, simulation metal gas tank decoration on both sides, low-key without loss of connotation, high-end atmosphere and attention to details. Lighting: tailgate lights, width lights, license plate lights and tail plate rotating warning lights.
Note: The pallet truck is not equipped with a separate light group and battery, which needs to be equipped by the player. You can also take back the light group of the drag head, which needs to be done by yourself.