[New metal shell upgrade] 1/16 hydraulic loader L574 wheel engineering forklift-1/14 loader-PRODUCTS-Manufacturer simulation models

[New metal shell upgrade] 1/16 hydraulic loader L574 wheel engineering forklift

New upgraded loader highlights inventory:

1, CNC processing shell than the previous generation of plastic template more simulation, details, more texture.

2, lighting upgrade, add engineering rotating lights, width lights, door lights, etc

3, all metal handrail guardrail, tail hook, antenna, radiator, exhaust and so on.

This car is KIT version, the picture is for model friends reference only. The final effect depends on the individual's production ability.

Spray painting renderings:
Ratio: 1:15
Dimensions: Length 583, width 202, height 245, unit MM
Wheelbase: 220MM
Configuration: Includes brush electric regulation, 540 power motor, steering gear, hydraulic brushless electric regulation, hydraulic brushless motor.
Remote control and battery need to purchase and debug

The recommended battery is 3S lithium battery 30C. Remote control requires more than 9 channels.

Material: The body is welded with CNC aluminum alloy and sheet metal. The shell is machined with CNC precision


The transmission uses the LESU high-torque second gear transmission to ensure that it can exert its good power in heavy loads and difficult road conditions.

The new wheel rim planetary reduction bridge with remote differential locking makes your handling even more fun.

Physical photo: