1/14 Mechanical model Aoue-BL71 double busy backhoe loader metal-1/14 loader-PRODUCTS-Manufacturer simulation models

1/14 Mechanical model Aoue-BL71 double busy backhoe loader metal

1/14 Construction machinery hydraulic model Aoue-Bl71 backhoe loader

RCLesu model another masterpiece! All-metal construction machinery hydraulic model Aoue- BL71 backhoe Loader (busy at both ends)!

Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels, high quality rubber tire, full drive 4*4 power lock bridge, front and rear two bridge deceleration ratio of 1:2:7. 

Hydraulic steering, more linear. CNC production and sheet metal welding combined with metal shell, front shovel equipped with stainless steel bucket,

with hydraulic tensioning function, front fork, hydraulic front shovel, hydraulic bucket; A multi-purpose machine,

the rear digging arm is equipped with the digging assembly transverse movement, the digging range is larger, the hydraulic support leg,

the operation is more stable, the rotary seat: the two busy driving control position rotation, really busy! The body weighs about 8.4 kilograms.

The hydraulic system is equipped with hydraulic reversing valve, switching valve, brushless electric regulation, oil pump, fine stainless steel cylinder, 

relief valve, and other hydraulic components to form a precise hydraulic system, more coordinated action, more linear. Wear multiple lights, 

but also equipped with sound, higher degree of imitation, full of details, static and dynamic Jiayi.

With FUSi p|18 lite remote control and 3S lithium battery each, high simulation spray, more restore the real machine paint, to achieve hand play!