1/10 all-metal RAVE-UM406 simulation light truck door-opening body LESU ​-1/14 transport truck-PRODUCTS-Manufacturer simulation models

1/10 all-metal RAVE-UM406 simulation light truck door-opening body LESU ​

1/10 full metal toy model RACE-UM406 simulation light truck

The UM406 RTR version includes a light and sound set, a complete vehicle steering gear and an ESC.

The motor uses the Hobbywing Coolpao sensor brushless and waterproof all-in-one 1200KV. 

Does not include electronic control and needs to be equipped by the player.

Another masterpiece of RcLesu model! 1/10 full metal toy model RAVE-UM406. 

Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels, high-quality rubber tread, full-drive 4*4 power-locking differential door axle, 

door axle reduction ratio is 1:5. Metal second-speed gearbox, large-angle steering, aluminum alloy die-cast metal shell,

openable doors, simulated ABS open-molded interior, stainless steel welded frame, wooden body guardrail embellishment, 

front guard equipped with iconic metal winch For the rescue and escape function, 

the net weight of the car body is about 5 kilograms, and the details are more realistic and full of details.

Note: This simulated light truck is a bulk version of the original color and requires players to color and assemble it. 

It does not include electronic equipment (remote control, receiver, battery,

drive motor and ESC. The servo is not included and needs to be prepared by the player. 

Model number is required. Consult, or electronic equipment package can be purchased separately.)