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1/14 hydraulic lift tailgate semi-trailer high load-bearing air bag

LESU 1/14 hydraulic lift tailgate engineering trailer truck

Product model: LS-A0041

Material: Stainless steel

Suitable models: 1/14 truck tractor head grinding disc installation

Product configuration description:

The KIT version of the engineering trailer comes as unassembled parts for painting. 

Players need to assemble the RTR version by themselves before painting and assembling it. 

(The factory color of this carriage is blue and white)

The configuration of this pallet truck is as follows: the tail lift hydraulic system is equipped with YZ-0001 

hydraulic pump distribution electric regulator, relief valve, Y-1537 one-way reversing valve, two hydraulic cylinders and matching fuel tanks

The first two electric aluminum alloy support legs are equipped with N20 brush motors and electric regulators, 

and electric lifting support legs. Three-axis unpowered axle, CNC refined wheels with high-quality rubber tires, 

axle suspension is simulated air bag suspension.There are widening bracket devices on both sides of the trailer, 

so that larger construction machinery can be towed. Wooden board pedal decoration, high imitation of real car pedals, 

simulated wire frame fixation, enlarged aluminum alloy body canvas frame platform, simulated tool boxes on both sides, 

stainless steel side rails, simulated metal gas tank decoration on both sides, low-key without losing connotation. 

High-end atmosphere and attention to details

Lighting includes: trailer taillights, width lights, license plate lights and tailgate rotating warning lights

Note: The KIT version of the trailer does not come with a separate light set and battery, which requires the player to equip it. 

The light set of the tractor head can also be connected back, which requires the player to DIY. The RTR version comes with a light set.

Product size chart:

Actual pictures of the product: