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1/14 Komatsu AC360 hydraulic excavator model KIT

RC LESU all metal CNC manufacturing AC360
Hydraulic excavator crawler hook machine

The entire vehicle is equipped with electronic equipment,

but does not include sound, lights, batteries, or remote controls.

Net weight: 34 catties, packing box weight 3KG. Packaged weight is 20KG

Packaged size: 630*560*220MM. By default, we use SF Express for free shipping.

Material: The main material is stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy.

Dimensions and maximum working radius diagram:

Maximum digging distance: as shown in the figure

Bucket size: as shown

Power supply voltage: 2S or 3S batteries can be used. 

Battery compartment space: length 160MM × width 45MM × thickness 30MM.

Hydraulic pump: adopts LESU high-pressure pump, rated pressure 8 MPa, equipped with relief valve. 

The pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of the car. Flow rate 400ml/min

Reversing valve: The new 7-way high-power reversing valve is convenient for players to upgrade and 

can be installed with three-section arms.

The excavator has reserved spare modified oil lines:

Product actual photos: