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1/14 hydraulic roll-on MAN (TGS) 8X8 dump truck LS-20160901 model

MAN (TGS) 8*8 roll-off 4-axle full discharge hydraulic dump truck

The configuration includes the body body, sound and light system, lighting system, ESC, steering gear, and motor required for the entire vehicle.
Remote control reception needs to be purchased and debugged by yourself.

The remote control and receiver need to be purchased separately by the player. The remote control needs 9 channels or above.

The entire vehicle leaves the factory as an unpainted product, and players need to paint it according to their own needs.

Digital steering servo, shift servo, locking servo, 540 power motor, sound system, lighting system, hydraulic motor, power ESC, hydraulic ESC and other electronic equipment are factory standard. If you need high-performance electronic equipment Can be replaced by yourself

The 2-speed high-torque planetary transmission is paired with a 1/2 transfer case to ensure that it can exert its good power under heavy loads and harsh road conditions.

The four-axis power axle is newly designed and equipped with a remote control differential lock function, bringing more fun to your control.

Electronic equipment:
The sound system adopts LESU's new integrated light and sound module; the sound quality is excellent, and the special lights are matched with it, which further highlights the car's simulation degree.

The hydraulic power uses a brushless motor, and the hydraulic cylinder is a stainless steel brass cylinder.

The dimensions of the entire vehicle are: 70cm long, 20cm wide, and 25cm high.
The bucket length is 50cm and the width is 19.5cm. Weighs 9.5kg

Note: Full dump trucks currently only support small bridge egg flange bridge sets.

Actual product photos: