1/14 all-metal toy Aoue-H13i roller model RD-A0009-1/14 Roller-PRODUCTS-Manufacturer simulation models

1/14 all-metal toy Aoue-H13i roller model RD-A0009

1/14 LESU Aoue-H13i road roller
Product model :RD-A0009
Material: Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, rubber
Product process :CNC laser welding
Product type: Remote control model, hydraulic mechanical model

This product is manufactured with scattered primary colors, which requires players to color and bring their own remote control and battery. The hydraulic system is equipped with 2-way reversing valve, 

hydraulic steering and front shovel. Front and rear power drive; Simulation simulation of sound and light, it is recommended to use more than 3 channels of remote control.

Product size drawing:

Product photo: